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About Me

I'm a maker, a creative, a homebody. My mind and my hands are rarely still. The spirit of learning and process moves me, hence the name, pneumafox. Knitting, drawing, painting, writing, and making beautiful things appeals to my creative nature and sustains my innate curiosity. 

Knitting socks is my passion. I revel in every step of the process: choosing and swift-winding premium hand-dyed wool skeins, knitting each tiny stitch, and finally, enjoying the luxurious, comforting warmth of hand-knit socks. However, I only have two feet and knitting socks every day means I've created way more socks than I'll ever wear. 

I've gifted and sold many pairs, and the resulting interest in owning my hand-knit fluffy babies has led me to create this shop. As much as I cherish each sock I make, it is time to give them good homes. If you are an enthusiast of colorful, unique, wearable art that brings you joy, you are most welcome to adopt a pair of your very own.

Always knitting,

Heather Fox

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